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Sep. 12th, 2005

So, I am following the trend and going...

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If you're already on my f-list, no need to comment unless you really want to :)
I like Ashlee Simpson. I do. There, I said it. I love her new song "Boyfriend" and I'll be getting her new album next month. Just in case anyone was wondering.

I was also driving home and "Just Want You To Know" by my BSBoys and I turned it WAY up and jammed the hell out. You know it :)

Plus, the mail-person dropped off Queer as Folk Season 1!! And next month on Amazon, Season 2 will be at a new low price! Eek! I'd better get a job...I have many things of the entertainment kind to buy.

Yeah that's bumming me out. The job hunt. Someone hire me, please!!

Fuck, it's hot.

Hey, Apple, what's up with that special Harry Potter edition 20 gb ipod? It's not even any special colors, just the HP ingsignia on the back and the audiobooks preloaded (if you buy them first). Big flippin' deal. If it came in special colors, like the U2 ipod, then I'd consider buying it, but it doesn't so poo on you. Plus, the new Nano looks like it's going to snap in half if handled wrong. I like my mini thankyouverymuch.

Sep. 11th, 2005

Grrr I can't sign on to AIM for some reason. I hate that >:(

Anyway, the first week of grad school went pretty well. I like what my classes will have to offer me. My intro to master's studies in communication looks like it will be tough but worth it in the end. I have an appointment with the director of graduate studies to make sure I'm doing everything right and to get some answers to some questions my advisor wouldn't answer.

I've got another car :) It's a 95 Dodge Spirit and it's pretty solid. Terry did some work on it and it's running smoooooth. I let Alex borrow it yesterday to drive to his frat house for a party. He accidentally locked the keys in the car >_< Silly boy.

He also bought a tree frog impulsively. It's really cute!! I'll post pics soon :)

Last Tuesday Cristie, Katie and I went round to the Hard Rock Cafe and we ate and drank and were merry. I had a cosmo and an appletini and my head was all whoooooshy :D And I got a martini glass out of it.

Adam got a cell phone and now he is just too cool. Ah, kids today.
fiona apple's new album is out on october 4!!!!! you have no idea how excited i am. she released 2 songs on itunes already (O'Sailor and Parting Gift) and i'm so loving them. she's still angry and jaded >:) the original versions of all the songs were leaked a long time ago among the FA fans and a lot of them are hating on these newer versions, saying that sony turned O'Sailor to shit. blah blah blah. i am highly enjoying them so screw them.

i also bought tracy bonham's latest album, which i just adore. i love every song. AND she'll be at st. andrews on october 9 with aqualung and the perishers. i know a bit about aqualung because i've seen his song but know nothing of the perishers. i am so there. anyone want to join me? tickets are like $18 total :)

OH! we're getting a new used car and will hopefully have everything settled tomorrow. YAY!!! so think we might even get to go to the renaissance festival this weekend :D

oh teh cuteness!Collapse )

*edited with ticket info

Sep. 2nd, 2005

life is good. so good. refund check is in hand :D

Sep. 2nd, 2005

i'm watching Ron Burgandy on hbo and i'm wondering...how many actors are in this movie?! it's quite funny :)

Sep. 1st, 2005

it just never fails. whenever i think something will work out smoothly, everything goes a wry. we don't really know what to do with my car right now because the transmission will more than likely have to be rebuilt. soooo what we might have to do is put it on the back burner for now and buy a reliable used car. and i hope "reliable used car" is NOT an oxymoron. actually what i think we might do is go to charity motors and see if we can find a good deal.

i haven't gotten my refund check yet so i'm fairly certain that it was not mailed out tuesday. if it comes tomorrow i would be overjoyed, but i won't expect it. probably not until monday or tuesday methinks. poo.

i hate not having any motivation for anything. not even for running, and i was doing really well there for a while. i'll get back on track when i can feel good about my life again. right now: BLAH.

oh but this is a glimmer of light...someone finally bought my registration to the witching hour so i can restart my netflix AND pay for my subscription to the vegetarian times :)

ok, not so blah. just a little bit.

Sep. 1st, 2005

Ok so we ended up taking my car to a transmission shop yesterday. I'm trying hard not to think of the drama that went down the last time we took a car to a transmission shop. My mom keeps praying it works out...and won't cost more than $500. It's something inside the transmission that needs fixing. *sigh* There's also a crack in the radiator and some torque mount needs to be replaced, but Mom said Terry can fix those.

I attempted to blow dry my hair straight. Bought products and everything, including a new ceramic round brush. It was a laughable attempt. I stopped half way because I was ending up with a big, straight, puffy head of hair. I'll just wait until I can afford my Sedu flat iron.

And I'm NOT turning against the curl. I just want to be able to switch it up once in a while. I love my curls, but sometimes a girl needs to chang it up. I also need a haircut.

BIG, FAT SALES EVERYWHERE! If everything works out, I'm heading towards Great Lakes Crossing.
what a buzz kill. looks like my car isn't going to an easy fix. dammit.

and i was feeling so good too.


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