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Aug. 31st, 2005

Good news! I called Wayne's fin aid department and they said my check was processed yesterday and should have been mailed but if it wasn't mailed yesterday then friday for sure. And because this is so quick and such good news, my mom is coming home right now so we can go take my car to our mechanic!!! I can hardly contain my excitement :D

I can be excited about life now.

Aug. 30th, 2005

So I opened up my Internet Explorer and my homepage is the Gateway page, which always has fun and interesting tidbits of information. Well, today I see a link that says this: "Born Before 1987? Then You Are..." so I click it because, well, I was born before 1987 and it continues by saying "...old!" Wow. And it goes on to list 75 things about the class of 2009 (my brother Joe's class): kids today...Collapse )

So, I asked my waynestate lj comm when refund checks can be expected in the mail. It's between the 2nd and 4th weeks of school. boo!hiss. Need now. Guess I'll becoming familiar with the detroit bussing system for a while.

Lover's Lane hasn't called. Called the manager yesterday but she wasn't there so I left a message. Still no call.

Oh I need a cookie now.

Aug. 26th, 2005

So, Cristie may just be coming back home because Minnesota sucks and stuff, but is lacking in the fundage. If you are so inclined (and I will be once I get some fundage my own way) to donate some pennies or quarters or dollars to the "Bring Cristie Home Fund!", please click HERE to find out more information :)

Not much else has been going on since I got home from housesitting. I'm still waiting on a phone call from Lover's Lane with a YAY or NAY. If I don't get a call tomorrow I'll call on Sunday.

Josie has problems. Bladder problems. She, um, leaks pee. Either she's very lazy or they did something to her bladder when they spayed her. Or both. When we take the dogs to the vet we'll find out if there's an issue. Plus, Moose will be getting his little buddies chopped off. Then maybe he won't GROWL at me when I try to move him to get my blanket so I don't freeze at night.

I watched Le Divorce on HBO today and I was thuroughly enjoying it until it got very predictable during the last 30 minutes. However, it did make me want to go to Paris and make out with an adorable french boy with goofy hair and get an older French gentleman to buy me a fabulous Kelly bag from Hermes.
Dear celebrities of the world:

Quit naming your kids rediculous names! Honestly, Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor, Tu Morrow, and Reign Beau??? You children have to grow up with these names! Do you really think that someone with the name Dixie Dot or Poppy Honey will be taken seriously in the real world? C'mon. Get over yourselves.

It's sick that I love shows like that on VH1.

So basically I've just been hanging out today and feeling what it'd be like living on my own. It'd be great if I could GO SOMEWHERE. Dammit I miss my car.

But a good thing happened yesterday. My brother came to pick me up and I thought I'd go to the Lover's Lane I got a call back from to see if the manager was there so I could schedule an appointment. Instead, she was able to squeeze me in right then so I got a job interview :) It was so spur of the moment I didn't have time to be nervous but at the same time I didn't really have time to be prepared, so I have no idea about how amazing or awful I did. I'm expecting the worst but hoping for the best, so as not to get my hopes up. I miss working :( I'll know by the end of the week.

School starts 2 weeks from tomorrow!! Ok, so on my waynestatestudents lj comm everyone said to wait until after the first day of classes to get your books, so you don't end up spending money you don't need to. Good enough for me.

So that's all my news. It's really cooled off this week but that means I can run later in the morning and sleep more :)

Aug. 20th, 2005

i think i'm going to go "friends only" and i'm too lazy to look up how to do it. 'splain it to me lucy, please :)

Aug. 20th, 2005

hmph. bored. i'm housesitting/dogsitting right now which bascially means i get to sit around with molly the little froo froo dog and watch sattelite tv and use their dsl. oh and eat their food...i've actually been instructed to "please eat all the vegetables or they'll go bad!" and i can drink their liquor (except for some hungarian wine that was a gift). and friends can come over (pending you DO NOT SMOKE), so come over and eat and drink and be merry.

i went running/jogging/walking this morning and got back right before it started pouring rain. *phew* that was lucky. humidity is craptastical to run in.

i got a call back from lover's lane for a job interview. it'd be fun to work there but i know the pay would be crap. plus i have no car at the moment so i'm still deciding on whether or not i should call back and schedule an interview. hmm...then i keep thinking about the job offer through katie's mom which would probably be a better bet (better pay, anyway).

tehe, my brother alex makes me laugh sometimes :)

dfwmymf23: indie rock sucks
dfwmymf23: its full or kids with cell phones and livejournals
cheekycrismg: and stupid emo haircuts
dfwmymf23: and theyre from like birmingham
dfwmymf23: assholes
Oh HBO On Demand! How I missed thee! I think I'm watching season 1 of SatC. It just says Sex and the City 07 so I'm assuming it's the first season, 7th episode. Ooooh, I'll be able to buy at least season 1 of both SatC and QaF :D Ha, Charlotte hates giving head! Oh SatC! How I missed thee!

Plus, WSU gave me another $1,000 because of tuition increases. Yay money!
So, my dad paid his dsl bill and the internet works again. Not only that but the house of boredome is NO MORE!! When I go home tonight there will be digital cable and internet waiting for me *sigh* Joy. Such joy.

Speaking of joy...311 last night!! Super amazing and fantastic. Katie Page took my extra ticket and we had much fun :) My 311 boys were HOTT. Nick Hexum with his buff arms in that sleeveless shirt *drool* I don't care if he is married...I would have thrown him down and had my way with him.

Ok that's a lie. But I wish the shirt would have been removed for my viewing pleasure.

Surprisingly, they only played a few new songs, mostly old stuff. They played "Gap"!!! I love that b-side. P-nut's hair is so cute!

It's just...love.

Oh! And our seats were *shockingly* good. We were in row UU, which had me thinking we were practically in the lawn just with more comfortable seating. Nope. At this place the double letters come before the single letters, which doesn't make much sense, but if it means I can sit closer...ROCK.

Didn't get to see Katie's apartment in person but I will because I will be visiting her often :D

momentary hyperness after some ice cream and propel fitness water (in lemon! very tastey).

Aug. 15th, 2005

Ok fine, I'll sell it for $30. Any takers? Please? Moose and Josie need doggy food. Do it for the puppies :*(

Um, I emailed ex-bf last night. I decided being a bitter, heinous bitch wasn't good for my chi. I'd thought I'd just take a stab at some kind of friendship again.

I have a meeting set up with the media relations guy at UDM. It should be interesting; we'll be discussing what field I would be best suited for :)

EEK! 311 in 2 days!! Album out tomorrow but I have this much money: $0. Ooooh the goose egg. It hurts.

So buy my extra ticket and you can turn that goose egg into a golden ticket ;)


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